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FPS shutter?


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Hey Everyone!


I'm having a issue that is extermely annoying and immersion breaking.  about every 6-10 seconds I get a little fps hiccup.  I never had this problem before and all of a sudden.  I have an Ryzen 1800x, 16gb ram, and GTX 980ti.  I have been watching some videos trying to figure this out and there isn't really a clear answer.  Any ideas?  I was thinking maybe something is reflecting the IR signals and covered everything that might bounce the signal and I'm still having the issue.


Thank you for all you help.

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One thing you can try is turning off the onboard camera. Sometimes that will help with framerate issues, though it's not exactly clear what's going on in the SteamVR software that causes that.

If you think it could be environmental, try covering up various possible trouble spots one by one until you notice a change. Further, if you can, determine where you're looking in the room when these hiccups occur. That could help pinpoint a problem.


-John C

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