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iMac Pro IS Out Now, What's Up HTC?


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We're excited for VR to continue seeing its way to new platforms.


Apple have recently opened up VR development for their Mac OS X platform.  Steam VR is available in beta form today for Mac OS X but it is still in its infancy, you can read more info here: https://developer.apple.com/macos/


Content developers will need to optimize their content for Mac OS X, I'm sure we will see more consumer ready things in the near future but for right now it is targetted for developers and content creators.


That's a sweet machine for sure.  If you get one let us know how it runs!






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Thank you so much for replying to this.  Here's a quick update of what I've tried:


- I hooked up the USB and power cords-- fairly straightforward.

- For my first attempt, I had an old HDMI - Thunderbolt 2 cable, which I paired with a Thunderbolt 2 - USB-C dongle.

- With this set up, I was able to get Steam to recognize the headset, controllers and base stations.  But whenever I tried to run room set up, I got a c208 error.

- I also wasn't getting playback in my headset.  I could just see it tracking on the vrmonitor.  I thought this might be a result of the USB-C dongle, so yesterday I purchased an HDMI - USB-C cable.

- After I hooked the headset up using the HDMI - USB-C cable, interestingly enough, everything stopped working.  Steam no longer recognized my headset.

- I tried re-setting all USB devices and that caused Steam to crash.

- I uninstalled and re-installed Steam to no avail.

- I also tried running the headset in this configuration in Unity, via the SteamVR plug in but, as expected, that didn't work, either.


We're keen to get this working because our entire post production infastructure is mac-based, so running the iMac Pro on Windows in bootcamp isn't really an option since our Adobe software is OSX.


Thank you again in advance for any suggestions!



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One thing I can tell you: 208 error is usually caused by SteamVR detecting the headset but being unable to display to it for some reason. I'd check the cables, make sure they're firmly plugged into to headset. You can also try to bypass the linkbox or try another HDMI or USB cable to rule components out.


-John C

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