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Can't remove SteamVR USB drivers (Error 108)


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Hi there,

Im getting the 108 error. I followed all instructions to fix it. One of them was to remove/reset the drivers.

When trying to remove the drivers a new Window (cmd) opens showing "Removing SteamVR USB Devices:",

but nothing happens. Admin rights are granted.


Is it possible to remove the drivers manuly via windows device manager?

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It is possible to manually uninstall them, this is a helpful guide from Valve on how to do so. 



It's also recommended when troubleshooting this error to ensure that you are plugging the linkbox/HMD directly into the GPU without the use of any sorts of video adapter (such as a DVI->HDMI adapter) 

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Ok, I managed to uninstall the drivers. Aftewards I rebooted the pc, pluged in the vive again thus the drivers are installed again. Still I get the 108 error. The LED is on, everything is connected. I have no clue where things go wrong.

I also reinstalled SteamVR.

Anny Ideas?

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