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Vive tracker firmware not updating


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I could revert ppgun tracker device to its former tracker device role thanks to the role changer v0.8.


Conclusion : PPGun devs are shipping ppguns with some (all?) tracker devices already turned into a modified role (controller). It works (oddly) with htc vive and it s the only way it works with other systems (android, ios apps etc I guess).


But it s not very good because it prevents official firmware upgrades of the device tracker. So if you use ppgun like me with htc vive, try to obtain the role changer so it appears as a little green crown (device tracker) and not a third controller. Even overkill is confused with it as controller. Once back to tracker device role, overkill for example detects it much more properly, and system no longer switches ppgun with other controllers randomly.

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May I know if the role changer works for all tracker firmware versions ?

I have just bought a tracker and updated it to the latest version as of today.

Just curious if I could change it back and forth multiple times.

Main purpose is for Mixed Reality camera setup as most existing games can only recognise it as camera in Controller mode.

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