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Headset goes grey whenever i look in the direction of my PC


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whenever i look in the direction of my PC the headset goes grey and dosnt come back till i look away always when i look in the direcion of my PC no other, one i made sure the base stations can see each other and i am well over the minum requirements


i thought it might have been the screen reflection at first so i turned my screen off and covered it but made no difference i tried putting the usb cable into different ports aswell as changing around the HDMI cable after a while one of the base stations stoped detecting the other even know i hadnt moved it but i fixed that with the link cable and that didnt even make any difference with the headset going grey when i look in the direction of my PC


please help this problem limits the VR games i can play severly



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Can you send me the following (either post in the thread or via PM if you prefer not to share)?

- Screen shot of the room overview when you are facing the direction that tracking gets lost: SteamVR -> Settings -> Devloper -> Room Overview

- Picture of your physical set up (overview where theroom,  base stations etc are located and close ups of the base stations.


Thank you,




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Hello Hectakia,

I see you have a problem with HMD Tracking

Given what information you have provided, I have these suggestions to resolve your problem:

• Go to GPU settings, and set your GPU to prioritize maximum performance for Steam & SteamVR
• Ensure you have no other reflective surfaces in sight of the Lighthouses
• Ensure there are no obstructions to your Lighthouses or HMD
• Ensure that you are providing sufficient light in the room for accurate tracking

• Check that there are no Driver, Windows, Component (vive components) Updates available or Pending 

• Try linking your Lighthouses using the included cable 

If these do not fix your issue, feel free to leave this topic open,
I or another user will try to assist you further shortly!

If I have assisted you with your issue, or resolved your problem, Please accept my response as the answer.

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