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Error 108 - nothing works


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I just got the HTC vive for christmas and got the error 108. Here's a list of things that I have tried:


- Went to device manager and disabled "allow the computer to blah blah" for generic USB hub.

- Tried to reconnect all the usbs a thosand times.

Tried every USB port (2.0 and 3.0)

- Tried to restart my PC multiple times

- Tried to plug all the orange cables directly to my PC instead of using the Link box.

- Downloaded the program USBDeview and uninstalled all the usbs except for mouse and keyboard and then connected everything again. This resulted in that when I try to connect a USB now, nothing happens. The drivers won't install. Tried to restart my PC, still won't work.


At this point I'm so lost. I don't know how to fix this and I've been trying for hours. My PC specs:

i7 4790k cpu

gtx 1060

Z97S SLI Krait edition motherboard


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