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USB driver's won't install


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I have been through this all before and I know that you suffer from this error 108.


From one day to another I had this error 108 and it could not be fixed easily. The only thing that worked for me was a complete new install of Windows 10. Then a new update or a new device => error 108 again. I now use a spare SSD just for Vive because even a newly plugged-in USB bluetooth dongle for my headset (and new USB driver) can ruin the installation and seems to cause the error 108.


So try a fresh Win 10 install, best on a partition only for Vive so there are not so many changes if you install new software or else.

- Connect only USB devices you must use. 

- disable automatic driver updates (http://www.itprotoday.com/windows-10/stop-automatic-driver-updates-windows-10)

- disable power management/savings for USB => maximum performance (it did not work for me in Steam VR, disable it manually in device manager and check after restart)

- use the latest drivers (especially but not limited to chipset and graphics card)

- I disabled/delayed Win 10 updates (Win 10 Prof. here), so there won't be any changes from day to day

- you use an Asus board right? Me too and the Inateck card did not solve any problems for me


Try if that works. I have still issues with loss of tracking and missing controllers but that seems to be other stories. We are early adopters (some would say beta testers).


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