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viveport://launchviveport application not found


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I've been in a chat room with someone for 3 hours and we cant figure it out I've probably had 9-10 issues with this thing since I bought it about 2-3 months ago. I'm sick and tired of messing with this thing please help me. I have no clue why it won't work. 

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Hi there. Thanks for that screenshot. I'm going to need some more information about what's going on. What causes this error to pop up? What are you doing when it happens? What is it preventing? When did this start happening? Do you have Viveport software installed? What are your system specifications?


-John C

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Cause: unsure

Reaction: I click the x

Preventing: I’m unsure

Time: Yesterday

Software: I have all the software installed but cannot open the store to redeem my games that came with the bundle, that’s all I wanted to do this entire time

System specs:

ryzen 5 1500x

GeForce gtx 1060 6gb

16 gb of DDR4

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I am having Issues with my APP producing the same issue as he is having.

When the app downloads for some strange reson itwill start downloading at max speed then progessivly drop till it hits 0mb/s and dissconnects my pc from the internet totaly.


I have tested downloads from a few other programs (Steam/Uplay/google ect.)  Neather produces this same strange result.  Whether this is related to the main issue or not I have no clue just thought it was worth pointing out.


When the app stops downloading and says there was a problem the PC instantly connects back to the internet and works fine again...strange.  


After the download is finally done after restarting (as your well aware that when you do the setup section if your waiting on the download finishing at the end of that and it fails, it shuts the app.)  So the restarting from the downloaded package may be a cause.


When its done downloading It gives the option to map your room, you click that and it produces the Error linked at the start of the thread.  Worth noting no desktop shortcut is produced at the end of the install eather making me think its an issue with the installation or unpacking process.


Have tryed reinstalling and doing all trobbleshooting options.


Thanks for taking the time to look at this,  Hope you have a resolution to this pain in the ass issue.


Kind Regards.



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Sorry yes its the Vive port application itself that is failing to download/install correctly.   I have looked through the files that did download and was not able to locate any launcher for the main application at all.  Steam is also unable to find it. 


Kind Regards,



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