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VR headset on iMac Pro?


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From what I've seen, it seems the eGPU setups seem to provide pretty robust experience with sufficient framerate. The only notable issue is that content is currently sparse as most developers have not yet begun compiling their code for macOS. It's currently a really good system for MacOS-based content creators who want to jump into VR without having to change hardware or their software ecosystem. 

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I finally got VR running on my iMac Pro ... it wasn't easy, but that is mostly because of the complete lack of info from Apple.  At first, I had to use an eGPU because I couldn't get the iMac Pro to recognize the headset when it was plugged into an USB-C to HDMI adapter like here:


VR On An iMac Pro


However, yesterday, I tried a regular old USB-C to HDMI cable (not adapter) and it started right up ... no eGPU.  So far, it seems to be working just fine with no eGPU using the cheap cable instead of the $50 adapter ... who knew?  Anyway, this works both in Boot Camp with Windows 10 and in OS X.  Unfortunately, in OS X the only software right now is Blobby Tennis ... only good for proof of concept.  But it works ;-)

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Hey everybody,

Great info here on the thread.

Just one simple doubt.

I'm a VR Audio producer and will work with Unity and Unreal development on the new iMac Pro.

Do the minimum specs of the iMac Pro already work for an HTC Vive Pro?

Or do I need to buy it with more RAM, more cores, etc?

Thanks in advance for the help and support.


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