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Grey screen after about an hour of using.


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My Vive works pretty much flawlessly. Except for one really annoying issue: after about an hour of using it, playing games or whatever, it starts to lose tracking of headset at one certain angle.

Unplugging stations from power and plugging them back again fixes it.

I tried to move stations to different positions - changed height and angle, but it did not matter. (Currently they both at ~2m height and ~40 degrees angle.)


I do not have any tracking issues beside this. And it annoys the crap out of me, when I'm playing a game and after a while this dead zone appears. And it always happens after ~1 hour of playing, as I've mentioned already.


If there's any suggestions out there about what could be causing it, or how to fix it - I would be greatful!

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Thank you for quick reply.

Unfortunately, I can't really check it, since one of the stations were mounted on the wall. And I don't have powertools now to get it out. I can only change which one of them is B and which is C if that will help to test anything.

Here are couple photos, that may help to figure out the problem.


Play area:

Direction of the dead zone:

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Next time I'll be playing, I'll try to cover it. I can't just hop in and test it, unfurtunately - as was mentioned several times before, the dead zone only appears after about an hour of playing. And it's already night time here for me, so I'm heading to bed soon :)

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So, I've covered the door with a blanket and played Waltz of the Wizard for 80 minutes. By the end of play sesion, grey dead zone begin to appear again.

This time it really messed everything up - I accidentally hit the wrong button in the in-game menu when suddenly the dead zone appeared, and wiped my save file >_>

The area where it happens is still the same - the direction is shown on the image in the first post. And angle of the dead zone at first appears to be ~60 degrees down (looking at the floor at an angle). But it grows over time, and eventually even looking straight in that direction makes screen blink grey.


Edit: I'm not an expert, but it seems like the most bizarre thing here is that it happens after a period of time. I mean, if the dead zone were present from the beginning, then perhaps something in my room indeed messes up with sensors or whatever. But I'm beginning to fear that maybe my stations are broken or something... 

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