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Flashing screens with the right side always white on brand new unit


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I have received my HTC Vive about 8 hours ago and I have been trying to troubleshoot it ever since and would like to ask for help. My problem is that ever since I have installed it, the headset's screens are blinking every split second and the right screen is always white. The headset is detected, everything is green on steamVR, headset tracking works, the controllers and the base stations work. The headset's light also cycles between green and red. I have tried the following which did not solve my problem:

- Updated all firmwares (bases, controllers and headset)

- Checked the cable connections on the headset and link box and reconnected them multiple times,

- Tried a different HDMI cable on the linkbox,

- Connected the HDMI and USB cables directly from the headset to the computer,

- Installed the latest video card drivers,

- Reinstalled video card drivers,

- Unplugged 2nd monitor,

- Used another video card,

- Force restarted the headset to force a firmware update,

- Connected the short HDMI cable directly from the headset to the PC to rule out the hdmi cable,

- Also done the same with the usb cable to rule out the 3 in 1 cable,

- Connected to USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, 3-4 different ports,

- Reinstalled SteamVR, HTC Vive Drivers/Software.


At this point I am out of ideas and before asking for a replacement I really want to know if there is anything else I can try.


My computer's specs are:

i7-3820 @4.6 Ghz

RX 580 (using latest Adrenalin drivers)

Asus Rampage Extreme IV


Thank you,



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I think, based on what you've written, that you've covered all your bases. I'd recommend contacting our Live Chat support for your region ASAP and setting up a replacement. You just bought your Vive, so you'd be within 14 days of purchase and elligible for replacement.

You can reach Live Chat support at www.vive.com/us/support/contactus in the US. For other regions, change the country abbreviation or simply go to www.vive.com and let it automatically set your region.



-John C

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Thanks a lot for your reply. I had talked to Hernan as well and he suggested first talking to newegg canada as I had purchased it from there. However, they refused to replace the item but I am glad HTC is going to make things right for me as I am very eager to enjoy this amazing system :). I thought HTC Vive was going to be replacing this DOA device but instead I will have to wait 2-4 weeks for repairs and get a refurbished product. Basically, do not buy from Newegg Canada as even for a DOA device you won't have a replacement but will have to send it paying for return shipping yourself to HTC for a repair.


This whole thing left a very bad impression of Newegg and HTC on me and I sincerely believe it would've been handled better by mainly newegg but also HTC.





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