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How to make Tracker work when Meta 2 headset is connected?


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When I connect my Meta 2, Steam VR correctly shows that the headset is tracking and it shows two green hand icons for the hand tracking. However, my Vive Trackers don't show up, even though their LED is green. How can I get the Trackers to work while a headset other than the vive is connected to the computer?


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I also need vive tracker with meta  and I manage to make it work just fine.


Some of these steps might not be needed but that is what I've done:

-  Install steamVR beta


- Edit <Steam Directory>/steamapps/common/SteamVR/resources/settings/default.vrsettings then set

"requiredHmd" : false
"activateMultipleDrivers" : true


- edit <Steam Directory>\steamapps\common\SteamVR\drivers\null\resources\settings\default.vrsettings in the section "driver_null" set "enable" : true


- connect the tracker by USB or using the dongles.


Hope this help, cheerio!


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