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Cant pay with PayPal


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So I tried to buy subscription, witch free trial. Total cost was 0.00PLN (my currency) and subscription was 39.00 PLN, well i have 155 PLN on my PayPal account and it still ask me for a credit card data when I'm trying to pay. I tried changing my main currency, and exchanging it to EUR and USD, nothing works, than i added some more money to my account. It still ask me for a credit card data. I tried to buy some cheap games on steam to check if this is PayPal issue, and everything works fine. Than i tried to just buy 3 month subscription that cost115 PLN, and same thing happened.  I have more than enough money on my account and i can't buy subscription.


EDIT ----------------------


I just added 100 PLN to my VIVE account using paypal, with no problems at all... So why i still can't pay for subscription?

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Yes, I cant tell why, but i had no problem adding 100PLN to my account, but i still cant pay for a subscription, expect now I have even more money on my PayPal Account. It keep asking me for the credit card info, only time it happened before was when I had no money on my PayPal, but now I have more than enough in 3 different currencies...


I checked on the other platforms and i have no problem paying for anything, my sportif and netflix subscription works fine. Only problem I have is on my vive account.


I'm logging in with my google+ account.

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