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Shaking image in HMD


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In my case it is definitely cable issue.  As somebody already mentioned it disconnecting and reconnecting cable at head end fixes everything. The shaking may occur again at another session but doing the same procedure it helps. It seems that connector itself may be a issue. I returned previous vive pro 2 and (Amazon)  and bought full kit from vive Canada again. I had the same problem. But

On 1/2/2022 at 4:05 PM, Obgrha said:

I had the same problem. Upgraded from HTC Vive pro to Vive pro 2. I didn't have such problems with HTC Vive or HTC Vive pro. Reading other comments I assumed It has to be cable problem. I replaced current cable with the one from Vive Pro - got even worse - not working at all. So I installed back the original cable the Vive  Pro 2 one. And I could not believe my eyes - problem solved no shaking at all.

But there are still some problems I never encountered in previous Vive versions. Sometimes it get frozen display. Specially in point when you jump (In Half life Alyx) where it is loading next chapter, just before the holographic map should appear. You can hear game sound. You even hear steps when you walk but display is frozen in loading screen.

In that case restarting VR helps. Game is properly saved at point where it was frozen.

I believe shaking problem is in some way in cable. Maybe it would help simple disconnecting and reconnecting cable at head connection. 

and reconnecting cable works for me fine,

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