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Trackpad doesn't work, No haptic feedback, No sound.


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So i was just in a game of Pavlov and then my right controller, started vibrating uncontrollably then i shut the game down and turned off the controller after i powered off my PC, then i went to turn it back on and i didn't hear the little chime that you get from turning it on, in which i was quite frankly VERY annoyed because i expected these things to be made for moving around, in which i started looking if anyone else had it and it appears it's a widespread issue, and i didn't want to perform surgery on it because well, i got a warrenty to back it, now i can't dual wield an AWP.... Seriously HTC, i shouldn't have to spend 2 weeks of my minimum wage sallary just to get a new controller, thats not right.


Could someone tell me how long it will take to send my broken controller back, i only need to send one as the other one works perfectly fine

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Hello eCT0,

I see you have a problem with VIVE remote bugs

Given what information you have provided, I have these suggestions to resolve your problem:
• Check for updates on your hardware (HMD, Lighthouses, Controllers)

(Note: your remotes are highly suggested)
• Check for driver updates on your GPU
• Check for Windows (or other OS) updates
• Set your GPU to prioritize max performance on Steam and SteamVR

• Try other games and see if the issue persists.


As far as RMA-ing your remote we cannot provide any data on this or how long it would take if need be. for this Information you will need to contact HTC or Valve about your warranty, and schedule maintenance/replacment.

Id suggest you try troubleshooting first.

If these do not fix your issue, feel free to leave this topic open,
I or another user will try to assist you further shortly!

If I have assisted you with your issue, or resolved your problem, Please accept my response as the answer.

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