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Full Body Motion Capture using IKinema Orion + Noitom Hi5 VR Gloves

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I finally had the chance to test IKinema Orion and integrate Noitom Hi5 VR Gloves into the setup, and I'm quite surprised by the results.



This is a very quick test done inside the Unreal Engine 4 ( recorded using Sequencer ), where data from both the 8 Vive Trackers and the VR Gloves are blended together, in order to get true full body motion capture, fingers included.


Next step is to integrate some Blueprint setup, in order to have custom grabs for weapons, driven IK for 2 hand weapons, and other utilities that will make the animation smooth and polished.


End goal is to remove as much as possible the need of post-mocap-session pollish/tweaking, which currently is the most time consuming part of the animation pipeline.


I'm offering this as a service, so if you need Motion Capture animation using this system feel free to contact us




Nicolas Esposito



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