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How to change subscription selections?


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Hi , when you're logged in, either on Viveport.com or the desktop app, you should click the Subscriptions tab. More details from our FAQ:


How do I update my monthly subscription selections?


As a subscriber, you get to play 5 titles per subscription period. Pick any 5 titles from the subscriptions catalog and confirm your selections. You do not need to pick all your titles at once. As long as you have available slots, you can continue adding new titles anytime during your subscription cycle. Once a title is confirmed, you cannot change your selection until your next subscription cycle.


To manage your subscription titles:


  1. Sign in to your HTC account:
    • Web browser: Sign in to your HTC account on Viveport.comClick ‘Subscription’ to see your title selections.
    • Mobile: Sign in to your HTC account on Viveport.com. Select the 'Store' menu, then select ‘Subscription’ to see details.
    • Desktop client: Launch the Vive Desktop client on your PC and sign in to your HTC Account, if required. Click ‘Subscription’ to see your title selections.
  2. Select the titles you want from the Subscription Catalog.
  3. Click "Confirm selections".

If you still have problems, reach out and let us know so we can investigate further.

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