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General complaint / Controller repair


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Hi , not too sure of the confusion here. Your original post at the top of the thread was made in January. It was only edited by yourself, and then in a minor fashion. See attached screenshot.


It looks like  assisted you at that time, and catching up here, looks like your situation is fixed now. Let us know if there's anything else we can do.


As a matter of policy we may remove a post if it's a direct duplicate of another. (That can happen sometimes by accident.) We do edit posts if they contain self-identifying personal information, like email addresses, phone numbers, addresses and so on. In one case in this thread you mentioned a phone number, which I edited out.


We do not edit posts for clarity or to obscure information. If we did make any edits to a post - for example the private info example - we'll note that in the edit.


Not sure what might have happened here - maybe a caching issue or something - but to reassure you, we were not editing your posts.


Let us know if you have further questions.

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