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Steam apps working in window but not in headset?


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I'm on a clean boot camp install on a top end 2017 iMac. 1080 Ti card in an external enclosure. My own unity VR apps run fine, but anything installed from steam runs in its own window on the screen, but in the headset, I just get the unresponsive app window floating in the empty grid view as you can see in the headset mirror in the video below...


VR compositor is running in task manager, and aside from it saying the app is not responsive in the steam VR window, everything seems "ready" the rest of the time.

Dashboard/steam works fine if I press the system button on the controller. The controllers do work in the running app. Just can't see the VR in things like the steam tutorial, google earth, or even the new steam home beta interface.

Any idea what could be wrong?

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