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(SOLVED) HMD turns off after 5 seconds every time i run SteamVR or any VR apps.


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It only turns on for 5 seconds then cuts to black.

This happens many times but now it won't turn back on.

Also getting a few steamvr update errors from time to time. All hardware lights and indicators are green outside and inside SteamVr.

Everything is green, ready and detected but the headset display is off. (HMD side light is green)

Since I cannot play, it ends up going into standby mode and won't wakeup no matter how much i wave and slam it at my basestations.

Is it a hardware or software issue?

I'm thinking of either updating or downgrading it.

This is not that serious since I've experienced this multiple times just curious because this is the longest time it's been malfunctioning on me.



I managed to fix the issue. Since it was a SteamVR issue, I just needed to reinstall SteamVR.

Vive App was working fine. It does go into black screen sometimes whenever the mouse cursor isn't placed inside the running Vr application or if I am playing on windowed mode. I also covered the interior sensor between the lenses incase it goes into sleep mode.


Edit 2:

So the Vive has a 3 in 1 cable. One of them is a power cable/plug on top of the HMD which is uneven or slightly half an inch shorter than the HDMI and USB cable.

Which means it can easily break or get disconnected if the cable is slightly pulled depending on how tight or how ofter you mess around with the cable jacks. My best solution in the future would be to buy a wireless adapter similar to TPCast.


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