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New HTC Vive Setup Troubleshooting


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I previously purchased an HTC Vive but had to get it replaced so I sent everything it came with back and I received a new one. I am trying to trouble shoot my set up for my new HTC Vive. When ever SteamVR launches it says that the application is unresponsive. When I was setting up the second Vive, I could not do a full room set up because nothing was tracking correctly and it was saying that it was unresponsive even though all the firmware had been updated and the cameras were working fine. I did not have a problem with my first Vive and set up. But now I have a completely new Vive. When I reset SteamVR, the VR home shows up for a couple seconds then everything goes black. When I am able to launch an application, it does not show up on the headset and nothing is tracking. Please help me, thank you in advance!

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