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Replacing multiple monitors / surveillace


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sorry if this question is dumb, but I´m a VR newbie and couldn´t find any info elsewhere. HTC support redirected me here. 

I´m  thinking about upgrading our security system, which currently has 3 monitors and typically is used to either display

- 3 fullscreen HD (1920p) video streams or

- 3x4 streams (4 per monitor)

- videos left and right and application (internet, office) in the middle. 


So the idea is to replicate the existing environment, ie having three "virtual monitors" which can be seen at the same time, 1 focused and the others peripherally, each can be focused with a 25-30 degree head movement. Ideally, we could extend that to a 3x3 setup or even more. I understand the resolution is not Full HD, but 1080x1200 is definitely acceptable. 


It´s similar to 360° video, or let´s say 180°, just not a single file playing over the whole area, but multiple files/streams filling different areas of the screen. 


Currently, we use a win10 machine and VLC player, ie multiple instances of VLC to run up to up 12 streams (and more would be nice).


I understand that VR and vive have way more to offer, but 360° videos, gaming and all these things are benefits for after hours :) the primary usecase is kind of a virtual desktop, replacing three monitors or extending that to a 3x3, 4x3 etc  monitor setup. I don´t need any virtual room with that, just a blank screen, like a windows desktop, and the ability to run multiple VLC instances on that. 


I have seen a few virtual desktop thingies, but didn´t really get the answer - also it seemed many of those try to replicate a room type environment, which is something I don´t need for now. 


So, can that be done? And what software besides win10, VLC and Vive drivers is needed for that?






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I have the same question. I want to use VR/AR to do production on my desktop and work in my 3D applications without filling my wall with monitors. If I find any answers I will post back here. I found something called BIGSCREEN but I am not sure how applicable that is...

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