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Base Station Hard Wired


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What a great endeavor you guys are on. With I wish I was a part of development.

I wish you all good luck.

My Q: I'm a wire hiding idiot. The base station excess wiring is sloppy to say the least. Can I hard wire them to a constant feed? (voltage) Which would also answer my second Q: Can they (Base Stations) stay Live (Powered on) 24/7?

My room is set up and I want to keep them in place.

The movie room (Home Theater) is the prime location and the loose wires are dragging my appearance to a sloppy level.


Thanks for your help,

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I'm not a model citizen when it comes to wiring, but I see where you're coming from !


You should be able to leave the Base Stations on if you wish, although of course, being an electronic component (with moving parts) you'll get longer life out of them if you turn them off. In the SteamVR settings you're able to enable a Bluetooth link to put them in 'standby' mode, but some people prefer to ignore that.


Another way to go is add a switch to turn them off/on - something like this perhaps. Might make your cable setup a little more acceptable. :)

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