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VIVE Pro SRWorks SDK: best practices so far


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a short summary of VIVE Pro SRWorks best practices discussed in the forum threads so far

where by SR mode  refers to the full screen pass-through stereo camera view.


some recommended use cases so far: (but don't be limited by these)


  • start in VR and then fade into SR mode as an element of surprise (or start in SR mode for onboarding)


  •  while in SR mode use a full screen filter and not the default shader due to the low resolution (or try to match virtual object textures to the low resolution)


  •  avoid using SR mode for games requiring medium to fast HMD movement (due to pronounced latency).

    • but do use SR mode in opening menus, screens


  • do use the depth feature (dynamic mesh shown above or static mesh scan shown below) even in VR only


  • if possible don't display the controllers in SR mode (to avoid displaying latency)

  • Also consider the on-boarding experience for anyone new to VR - use a portal to enter your experience and maybe even add a mini-game like in this example:



and do post some videos of your experiments here






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