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i submitted my first beta version"Cosmic attack VR".
In my Manage page, i don't have LIVE option?

I also have in my page another title of cosmic attack with the status of In progress and version type Draft. What is it exactly ? I need awaiting your feedback?

And is it possible to share the beta version on viveport software for other player ?



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The beta feature is still being developed and currently works as a testbed for you to verify your build. Currently, betas will only be visible internally for the developer account that submitted the build; additional updates in the coming months will allow for sharing of betas externally. The in "progress -> draft" status means that you currently have a title that has not been fully submitted to Viveport. Once you hit "create production release" it will update to "in review" as our content ops team verifies the build and then once it's approved it will become "published" which means the public will see it. 

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