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Base stations Maximum height?


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Possibly! I've never set them up that high before, but it's really only going to cut into the distance you can set them apart, since it's all an optical tracking system to begin with. You'll get better results with a sync cable and a clear space without any obstructions or reflective surfaces. Make sure there's nothing that could obscure the base stations from the ground and you should be okay.


-John C

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Same as ,

The highest I've seen was ~3m and required a sync cable. The basestation's laser sweeps travel pretty far but the sync LEDs starts maxing out at ~4-5 meters. In this situation there will definitely be scenarios where the HMD will be out of range of one or both of the basestation's sync flashes. That said, you'll probably be able to make it work for you but you'll have to be very mindful about reflections and other environmental factors. 

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