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Broken sidestrap, really dingy build, vive refuses to fix on waranty.


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So, i buy a vive and after a week of use, i lift the headset by the side strop, and the dingy plastic disk in the attachment on the side falls apart. Then, after a months delay after delivering the headset for repairs. Im informed that they will not fix the problem on waranty.

This is really dissapointing, The build quality, making something so designed to be a weak part and the responce to the waranty claim. 

Im really torn here, if i should pay the repair and then take this to the consumer court in Norway or i should not pay and take the case right to the consumer advocates. Aparently my only options at this point.

Ive allready waited so long at this point that some more time wont matter i guess.

I just wish this could have been fixed in a normal way without so much fuss.


I see staff has been reaching out to other complaints here, could someone give me a poke and look in to this for me? Ive only been dealing witht he local 3rd party retailer till now.

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