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Fairly New Vive owner w noob questions


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I'm a fairly new Vive owner and have been lookimg for a few answers to some things ive noticed lately.  Any help would be greatly appreciated! 


PC Specs:

I7-3770 @ 3.40 GHz

Asus p8z77-v lk motherboard


Asus Strix  GTX 1070ti 

Windows 7

*Currently using USB3 port 

1.  Is anyone using the same GPU?  I've noticed a lot of choppiness as of the last week or so. 

         - What drivers are you using?  I currently have older Nvidia drivers loaded and wondering if I

           should use the Asus drivers off their website.

       - Not sure if this is related to the driver version itself, but recently i've also been occasionally

         receiving a message "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered".  It seems to

         correct itself and i can continue when it occurs

2. Along with the choppiness, Ive noticed that my controllers tend to "float away" both while in games, or disappear completely in the "Home" space (not sure what its called but where you can update your avatar, etc)

       - Do I need to recalibrate my room boarders?  the lighthouses have the latest firmware. 


Thanks again,



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I got a GTX 1070 and I am running the newest Nvidia Drivers without issue.


From the specs listed, the Windows 7 thing is probably your biggest issue. I'd highly recommend upgrading to avoid issues and not be restricted from being able to use some games/apps/etc..... You can find some cheap Windows 10 licenses online, if you look around. Then you will be able to run everything without issue.


As for the choppiness and floating issue.. they both could be related to loss of tracking. Are you setup near a bunch of windows, a mirror, or anything like that? If you run room setup again, you should be able to see if your controllers, etc.. lose tracking at any point just by moving them around the play area and watching the SteamVR window. Is your entire play area visible from the trackers? You may want to consider raising them a bit and increase the downward angle. You basically want line of sight with nothing shiny or reflective around. Make sure if your back is to one lighthouse, the other lighthouse will see you.


Just my 2 cents. Welcome to VR... there is a learning curve to get the most out of your headset.. but it is all fun. Hope this post helps in any way. 



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Tried looking around for Win10 keys for a good price but havent come across any just yet. During the hunt, I read that a windows 10 key isnt even necessary and the only a few cosmetic optiions will not be available without the license so will be looking into that option as well.
I also tried re-adjusting the lighthouses. I pointed them at a more downward angle. And while it helped some, I still had on controller disappear once in awhile. Do the lighthouses have to be pointed directly at each other as well, or can they just be pointed in each others general direction without being lined up perfectly with one another? Also, i have a few empty water bottles sitting on my desk, but wasnt sure if those would count as reflective objects (forgot to remove and retry those night, will test tonight).



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RE: Water bottles. They might distort the IR signals, yes. Best remove them and test again.

As far as the base stations go, they do need to see each other unless you're using the sync cable instead. If you're using the cable, they do not need to see each other, so maybe try the cable if you aren't already.


-John C

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