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VIVE Pro SRWorks SDK Updated to v0.7.0.0 !


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SRWorks SDK  Updated to version - Changes:


1.  Generate colliders by adaptive mesh and patch the fragile colliders together to prevent from holes without physical collision in the previous version, referring to its demo video $(Vive-SRWorks-\Unity\Demo Video\ 2-Spatial Scan.mp4.



2.  Export more collider properties: Orientation(Horizontal, Vertical, Oblique), Shape(Convex, Bounding Rect, Mesh), Area (Approximate)




3.  Export Unity API: GetAllHorizontal(Vertical) / GetLargestHorizontal(Vertical) / GetColliderWithProperties( property array );




4. Provide a Portal prefab in Unity to facilitate the developer to create a portal for the player passing through between real and virtual worlds, referring to its demo video $(Vive-SRWorks-\Unity\Demo Video\ 4-Portal.mp4 and user guide $(Vive-SRWorks-\Unity\Plugin\SRWork_Portal_Unity_Guideline.docx for details.                                                                                     full video 



5. Fixed Unreal occasionally crash occurred in v0.6.0.0.


6. Fixed Sample3_DynamicMesh of SR Experience would not work issue in v0.6.0.0.


7. Please update NVIDIA graphics driver to 390.77 or later to fix SteamVR occasionally frozen on some platform with NVIDIA Pascal series.


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Hey, just tried the examples. They are quite interesting. 

I wonder whether you tried or going to imlement occulusion with the depth map?

Like if for example you have your hand in front of the virtual object -> the object will be hidden. 


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Sure, occlusion is one of major functions we are implementing like the video1 at 35s and video2 at 2:34s where the virtual objects on floor are occluded by the front real funiture. 

  1. Interact with environment: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16b5wWHAaVXwZ2slJK_zEmXIKSrAY24xr
  2. A portal for the player passing through between the real and virtual world: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Fl_VY-41fThn02083iA5yEwRe-Z2bqpG

Regarding occlusion by the moving object like hand you mentioned, it could be achieved by our dynamic mesh creation function though further improvements still under way.


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Hi ,


You're welcome! And this is what I figured the easiest way to add new throwable objects that work with SRWorks' portal:

(1) In Sample7, in the gameobject "DartGenerators", you'll see an array called "Dart_prefabs".

(2) Duplicate one of those prefabs in your project window and replace its mesh, collider, and material with anything you want.

(3) Add the duplicated & modified prefab to the "Dart_prefabs" array.




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