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Solo Developer Funding

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I have been developing Vive games now for almost a year. But now I want to leave my job and start developing my own game. I would buy most of the assets from assets stores.

Is there any chance of getting funded from Vive Studios program with a single man team and just an awesome prototype ? So I could I hire a team and possibly rent an office.



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There's definitely a chance Vive Studios would be interested but they handle things on a case by case basis. The application form is currently undergoing maintenance but can normally be found here. I can't speak to the level of support they can offer.


Some of the most successful VR projects have been made by studios with 1-3 devs so it is possible. That said, funding in VR is very competitive and the funding cycles are incredibly long. There is a wonderful Voices of VR episode about the funding landscape. An honest answer is that you shouldn't rely on trying to find funding from a singe source and that funding cycles can be a pretty epic journey - having community support goes along way. 

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Thanks  ,

I just needed motivation to start this, it's a huge risk for me. But I am definitely going to do this.

Funding is never my first choice but sometimes you can't help it.

Thanks for your advice and the links, I will explore all the options.

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Hey i havesent you a pm with a good lot of links for funders and people that support VR and Indie devs.

and when you need some testers make sure you get in touch with me. We work with a lot of devs testing and helping make awesme games. 


Check your Pm 



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