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VR noob getting my home ready for a Vive Pro setup.  The one question that I couldn't seem to find an answer to was the contents of the Vive Pro box.  If the Pro is the headset only, buying the individual parts (controllers, base stations, cables, charger, etc.) seems like it would cost just as much as the vanilla Vive. 

Is it possible to start out with the Vive Pro or do I need to buy the current Vive system?

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We have not confirmed the box contents yet... The HMD only kit will include everything required to run the new HMD if you already have an existing Vive - the remaining box contents will be announced in the near future.


The plan is to release the HMD only kit for use with existing controllers and basestations. The full bundle will be released at a later date. Sorry we can't provide more specific info at this time. 


If you do end up purchasing original Vive components (controllers, basestations) - please remeber that while all of the componets will work with Steamtracking 1.0 - they won't work if you decide at a later point to upgrade your basestations to v2.0. You also need to be sure that you have displayport 1.2 output on your GPU. 

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If I was you I would wait.  There are many current vive users that will buy the vive pro once the full bundle is released.  This will mean some good deals to be had on ebay.  I wouldn't be suprised if you don't start seeing full original vive second hand bundles on ebay for sub £200.  

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