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Vive base station in repair since 12/26/17


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Hi all, I'm posting this to hopefully get my issue resolved with my vive base station. On december 21st of last year, I grabbed my vive to play a couple new games I had just bought and was very excited to play them. When I put my headset on, I noticed the tracking was only working for one base station, while the other didn't track anything when I went near it and the screen would go black.


So that night, I initiated a live chat on the vive customer support website to hopefully get my problem fixed. I talked to him for quite a while, when we finally figured out that a "rotor" was broken on my vive base station. So he gave me instructions that night on what to do when I sent it in for repairs, told me how I would only have to pay for shipping because warranty covered. I sent it in for repairs that night.


It arrived at the front desk/reception 5 days after. I still haven't gotten my base station back and I am getting impatient. I miss my vive and would really like to play it again. I have gone back on the live chat customer support many times since then, and none of them have helped.


If anyone could help me on this, that would be greatly appreciated. If you need any of my chat transcripts, send me an email or reply to this post. chrisjbeaupre@gmail.com

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