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Some apps not downloading (internal error)


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We're seeing an ongoing error where some VIVEPORT apps will successfully download and some won't on the same computer.  The error message is "internal error"


We've gone through all the troubleshooting steps we've found in these forums including disabling all firewall and antivirus, successfully running the autocheck troubleshooting tool, logging out of VIVEPORT and clearing cache, and changing the download location.


However, we're still seeing the same issue where some apps will downoad and some won't. 

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Solution is to unplug the internet cable from the router and put it direcly into your computer... dont know but after some update the viveport flipps out and wont work no matter what you do... thats only solution.. after you can put it back to the router and play it normaly... you just have to do it trough the download phase.

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