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New headset no video and keeps disconnecting


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I received my headset yesterday and spent all evening trying to get it to work.  The first problem I encountered was during setup it never detected the HDMI connection.  Some people recommended proceeding without that, so I did - but then Steam VR never detected it either.  I followed another user's advice to bypass the link box and that did make the headset be detected, but it frequently disconnects every 5-10 seconds.  I tried launching the Steam VR tutorial, and when it says to put the headset on, no video/light is displayed inside the headset.  I could see on my monitor the headset tracking was working and I could look around by moving the headset.  The light on the side never changes from red and the sound cuts out when the headset loses connection.


This morning I tried again with another suggestion of bypassing the linkbox for the USB, this is my result:


The audio output for the Vive disappears at the same time the headset loses connection.  Is my headset / linkbox busted?  Please help!  I tried the Vive a year ago at a friend's house and I'm really sold on VR, but an experience like this just turns people off from it.  I've tried every recommended troubleshooting action I could find; verifying and reverifying cables, disconnecting/reconnecting/reinstalling etc.

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Thank you sir! I was hesitant to open the little door on the headset itself - but swapping that HDMI cable and USB cable did the trick. My 7 yo just stood in awe of VR while I checked everything out.


How can I get a replacement cable set?

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