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No Video on the HMD


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So I finally saved up the money and bought my htc vive. Set it all up run the the setup provoded from the website and get it all talking to each other. SteamVR tells me it is all working however  when i try to start anything in VR nothing shows on the HMD. If i mirror the HMD it shows in game anmd shows that the tracking on the headset and controllers is working. I tried disabling direct mode and when it tried to connect it says that it cant find the HMD on the HDMI port. I have swapped ports about and still had no joy. I have tried also reinstalling everuything and still no luck. Any help or advice would be aprecciated it is alot of money to spend and I have been waiting for the VR experience for ages now. 




Computer Specs: 


Cpu - Intel I7 6700K

Mobo - Asus Z170 Sabertooth

Ram - 16GB

GPU - R9 390 


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You definitely DON'T want to disable Direct Mode. You should always have Direct Mode enabled at all times. Tell me a little more about your setup. What USB ports are you using? Are you using any adapters? Have you tried bypassing the linkbox? If you're not getting error messages, what are you seeing in the HMD? Grey? Black? No light at all?


-John C

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Usb ports are 3.0. I am using an adapter from dvi to hdmi for the monitor and the headset is directly into the card.

I have just tried bypassing the link box and still nothing. Tried directly connecting using another hdmi still nothing. No black no colour not even as if there is a backlight on at all. I need to know soon so that i can RMA it with scan to recieve a replacement.


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