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Why is the Pro so much more expensive

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Simple question, can anyone tell me what is in the Vive Pro that makes it cost approx $500 more than the original Vive? Is there some RAM hiding in there, or a CPU or a GPU? Is there gold involved in the manufacturing process somehow? From what I can tell it just has headphones, an extra camera, and upgraded screens. Am I missing something else?


The Samsung Odyssey reportedly has the same screens, built-in headphones, and includes controllers for $499. What makes the Vive Pro cost almost twice that for the headset alone?



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Because HTC employ magic fairies that sprinkle their magic fairy dust into the making of the units. 
They then give each or the Pro's a Sweet little Kiss. 

Fairy dust and Lip balm for the fairies costs a lot of money. 
And that's the reason the Pro costs so much. 

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I have a different theory. It goes like this: HTC sold its cell phone divison to Google and lost most of it's work force. They are desperate for any sort of success and instead of trying to sell a large quantity of Pro's at a fair profit, decided to try to sell a much smaller amount at a ridiculous profit. 


My daughter says it's better to sell 100 boxes of Girl Scout cookies at $5 each = $500 than 10 boxes at $20 each = $200. If even she gets this at 8 years old why does HTC not? It's basic math. She also laughed and said no one will pay $20 for a box of cookies. Lmao I rest my case.

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Wrong again ! The example with the cookies it's not even close to be compared in this situation, but for the sake of the argument, let's say you have Bio Cookies for 20$ a box... are you still sure no one's gonna buy it ? Now days ... I rest my case 

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