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How backordered are you all?

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Thanks for your prompt reply! I ask because the order page said there was a back order when I placed mine and my bank was charged immediately for the bundle extras but is still not charged for the headset itself. Does that mean anything?

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That makes sense. I'm sorry I was harsh. I do CS myself, so I actually feel bad for complaining with salt. I've been anxious not knowing what was up, so now that I have access to the official info, I feel better. Not knowing is the worst part. Thanks for the info!


PS: So from what that says, having ordered on the 6th, I'll see it shipped likely within 5 days of today and definately within 10. I actually feel a lot less anxious now! hehe! Cheers!

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Thanks for your reply! I just got the mounting brackets only, sent to my house yesterday and the headset only has been pre-authorized at my bank. Did they do that with you? Sending the mounting brackets for the bay stations first? Guessing to verify I receveid the cheapest part before the main shipment? 

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