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Install Location no matter what puts stuff on my C:\


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No matter what settings i install with viveports seems to think it can do whatever the hell it wants with my C:\. I install the app to my D:\, then once you open the app it starts loading into its "Default" app location on the C:\, so i changed that to D:\ then closed the app and delete the files from my C:\ and boom it instantly adds a bunch of files back on my c:\programdata. 


So is there another setting i am missing or does this application require me to use the c:\ for some "files" if so ill leave it uninstalled and continue to use steam

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Hi , sounds a bit odd to me, but I'll escalate to make sure.


Can you confirm your sequence of events here - you've installed the Vive desktop client to D:\, but then you're saying it's loading more files. Did you mean it was installing files to C:\ when you started downloading apps that you've purchased? Or upon launch?


Screenshots always help so we can see what's being installed. Feel free to PM them to me or add them here. Thanks!

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So here is my process

Install viveport to D:\vive

Open Viveport 

goto settings

Change "Default App folder" to "D:\vive\games"


Close Viveport

Close Viveidentify(this should close when i close Viveport surely?)

Close HTCVRMartplaceUserContextHelper (once again why is this running when i have closed viveport)


Delete C:\ProgramData\HTC


Open Viveport again

It recreates C:\ProgramData\HTC

Then restores the old Viveport setting saying games should be on the C:\


So my problems are :

Viveport installs random stuff to c: which should be located in the d:

Viveport does not close its services when the app is closed forcing me to manually close its services.





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Pretty sure most programs regardless of installation directory with install major componants and configs etc into directories such as a programdata or users\appdata\local etc.  These are more vital windows directories (which is a reason they are both set as system and hidden by default) .  Ofc this doesn't affect the main storage used for game downloads etc.

The fact that you are even seeing these directories means that you have turned on the option to display hidden and system protected files and folders, which suggests you know a little more around windows and hence should know what these directories are for.

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