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VR massage and Intergration

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Entering into the future, I wanted to bring a snippet back. Visual ques seem to be the greatest distraction in the minds of clients alike. I hope to immerse the client inside of the virtual space but I need assistance. None witholding; I want to bring 4/5 senses into Massage to overclock the persons body and mind removing them from the room. Why not be stuck in a 1 hour massage where your greatest asset can be closing your eyes or opening them? Look into the sky to star gaze while being treated or disappear on a sandy beach in the middle of nowhere. 
Sunlight: Heat Lamp
Feel: Grass mat or sand mat
Ambience; Music and sounds of nature
Scents: Aromatherapy... Bring the ocean or the forest to you
Sight, audio, and smell so far, with the additions of the heat, texture, and therapy will bring the client outside of themselves. 
The only question I have is; What can i do to increase the immersion so the client feels they are outside of there country and gone somewhere new? What more could I add to increase the real-feel? Is there any Apps that go for star gazing?
Just a new developer :)

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I'd recommend Feelreal VR Multisensory mask for this kind of practice. It can add cool wind, water mist and aromas to VR experience. It also can be used without VR helmet as a separate aromatherapy device with an app that you can . So in fact you have one device for several tasks here. 

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