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Recently ordered VIVE Pro - Getting runaround on cust. svc.


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Below is the chat logs I just had today on my recent order on the new VIVE Pro HMD. I ordered on 4/2 fully aware that I would not get my device on 4/5 and possibly mid-late April. The website states that you will NOT be charged until the unit ships. Guess what, if you use PayPal they charge you anyway. They flat out lied in the email and on the page for ordering.


I don't hate the company but at least stand by what you say you're going to do. I'm a reasonable person. I understand you can't get all units ordered shipped this quickly but DON'T lie to me. $799 is not a small amount of money for the average gamer. Thankfully I have a disposable income so it doesn't hurt me but I am seriously considering reporting this as a fraudulent charge through PayPal. There is a reason I keep logs and use PayPal for things like this.


Me:Vive Pro ordered 4/2 and charged with no update on shipping status. "Only when your VIVE order has shipped will you be charged for your purchase, to the payment method you selected."  Me:Order number [REDACTED] Carly:3:32 PMHi! Thank you for contacting Vive support, my name is Carly, how are you doing today?  Me:I'm okay, thanks.  Carly:3:32 PMHi Stephen.  Me:Paypal transaction ID [REDACTED]  Carly:3:33 PMThat's good to hear. Don't worry, let me help you with the order. Please allow me 2-3 minutes while we're going to check on this.  Me:Okay, thanks.  Carly:3:34 PMHi Stephen. Thanks for waiting.  Carly:3:35 PMAs per checking, the order did go through however, we don't have the tracking number yet for the order. But rest assured that we already processed the order and our head office already confirmed the receipt of it.  Me:So you are saying that it has been shipped but due to a lack of tracking id it still lists as Submitted instead of shipped?  Carly:3:37 PMIt is not yet shipped but the order has been processed  Me:Okay then you mean to say the email is wrong...  Me:The one where it says "Only when your VIVE order has shipped will you be charged for your purchase, to the payment method you selected."  Carly:3:40 PMFor that, it applies to those who used credit card for payment. As for Paypal, what I can suggest is to contact them to verify if they already charge you or not. Because Paypal has different method when it comes to billingtheir customers.  Me:I assure you it has been drawn from my bank.  Me:I am looking at my account right now.  Carly:3:42 PMIt will be best to contact Paypal for confirm about the charges.  Me:So I should treat this as a fraudulent charge?  Me:Neither of us want that...  Me:All I really want is an update on shipping since there's inconsistencies based on the email and the order status on your site.  Carly:3:44 PMI totally understand where you're coming from. But for that, since you used Paypal for the payment, it will be best to confirm with Paypal if they already charged your account.  Me:I just told you they did.  Me:I am literally looking at my bank account and PayPal.  Carly:3:46 PMAs for the status of the order, we haven't ship it yet. For Vive Pro, it's like a first in, first out order. We shipped the item depending on the dates when the customer pre-order the Vive Pro.  Me:That I understand. Maybe you shouldn't charge people when you say you wouldn't until it is shipped.  Carly:3:48 PMFor those who used their credit card directly to our website, we're not yet charging them until there's a tracking number for the order. Since you order it through Paypal, it will be best to check with them why they charged you right away.  Me:That's nice. You won't answer me. Okay then... Fun Fun... 

End Rant. :P


Edit: I want to note that when I ordered it did not state that PayPal option would be charged. It now does (after my order was placed)

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Thanks. I sent a mail to the address you sent me. Sorry for being another one of those "where's my ___" people. I just felt like I was being led around by a carrot and was never to get the item. I've seen plenty of hot ticket items sit in limbo for months or longer without being fufilled. Hopefully it doesn't go that far :) At the very least it won't go past 180 days ;) Gotta love PayPal for that, lol.

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Looks like the Left hand isn't working with the Right hand. Website still says "In Progress" but I just got an email from FedEx (Terrible home delivery where I live) stating I'm getting a package on 4/20... Yes, 4/20, I'm not kidding, lol.. Big downside for me is I probably can't work at home to get the package which means I will have to wait longer to get it.


Tracking number: [REDACTED]
Status: Picked up
Reference: none
Service type: FedEx 2Day
Packaging type: Your Packaging
Number of pieces: 1
Weight: 7.00 lb.
Special handling/Services: Direct Signature Required
  Deliver Weekday
Standard transit: 4/20/2018 by 8:00 pm
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