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Trouble with Large Asset Bundles (Unity)


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Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew what the limits for the vive focus were in terms of displaying a large asset. I've got a bunch of asset bundles from 20mb to 400mb. Works fine on high end PCs, but I am concerned the Vive Focus is having problems handling the larger sizes. Got good results with the 20mb, but the asset bundles for the larger files are completely messed up. I am wondering if there are any hardware issues or what else I could be missing.

Any thoughts or ideas?


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Hey Jeremy,


A quick question for you.

Have you tried successfully based on your Asset Bundles (suppose following Unity instruction) on other mobile content platform (Google playstore or Apple store)? Because as you mention the capability between PC and Mobile is huge.

And if your project works fine on other mobile platforms but mess up on Vive Focus. Maybe the problem will be due to Viveport haven't supported Asset Bundle feature on the platform.

Or maybe another reason since I don't know what mess up you exact describe?


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