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[IMPORTANT] ROM Update - Release ROM version 1.21


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Hey Everyone, 


  The Team released a ROM update on April 11, 2018. This vesion 1.21 is available via FOTA update and can be found from the QUICK Menu.  The QUICK Menu is accessible by tapping the HOME (O) button on the controller. Then tap on the SETTINGS icon and then tap the SYSTEM UPDATE icon.  Within minutes your ROM will be updated.



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Hi, I'm unable to get the new ROM... after clicking 'System Update', I get the spinning wheel for some seconds, and then nothing but an empty screen and the 'back' button. Battery level is 86% and WIFI is good (tried with 2 different connections). Current ROM is 1.1.0, any thoughts on what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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I have similar problem as pascalvanbeek.


My data:

Viveport M setting screen show:   1.1.0

More setting show: 

Wave SDK: 2.0.32

Build Number: 1.22.1400.1 9.0_g CL10333707

Viveport M version: 1.1.0

Viveport M "update system" is black after rotating circle.

FOTA after checking show " no update for this phone"


Also still when I clicking to More Setting, screen switch to 2D.


Any ideas how to Fix it?



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