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bluetooth connection error everytime steamvr is started, can't connect to bluetooth


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I've had my vive for almost a couple of years no.  I've never had this error before.  A few days ago I learned I could pair my phone in viveport so that I can receive texts and phone calls within vr while playing.  I was able to go into steamvr settings, bluetooth, and enable the bluetooth checkbox.  Then it allowed me to connect my phone in viveport. After leaving teh room once, upon returning I was no longer able to connect my phone to viveport.  I tried enabling bluetooth in steamvr as I did before but now I get a red x and it says "bluetooth connection failed, check linkbox connections, then un-plug and re-plug in to restore power and reset it, then restart steamvr" or something along those lines.  I've tried everything.  I've tried re-installing bluetooth drivers.  I even uninstalled and re-installed steam.  Finally, I said to hell with it and did a complete wipe and re-install of windows 10 (it was due anyways but this put me over the edge).  I got online with vive chat but she couldn't help me and told me to post on here.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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, the bluetooth driver may have no reinstalled correctly.


If you go into your device manager, it should list the Vive's bluetooth driver as the following: 

You can manually reinstall the driver from the SteamVR desktop settings.


If the driver appears to be properlly installed and working, we'd need to analyze the logs in order to gain insight into what's actually happening. The logs for this specific feature are found in  %temp%\VivePairLog\  

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