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Viveport stuck at acquiring content.


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I'm using the first generation Vive, works fine.  Figured I would try out Viveport.

I installed the Vive software and it launches and I end up in the space port scene and there is a pop up that says run the desktop app?   What desktop app?  Vive Dashboard?


In front of me it says acquiring content and it just kind of sits there, should I let that run or is it locked up?  There's a progress bar but it doesn't really move.


A couple times I went to Vive home and it says connection error.

I've re-installed the software a couple times.  Do I need to remove all VIVE software like even the base drivers and all that?




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 - Based on your description - it's trying to get you to log into Viveport on the desktop. When you see this message, it should also accompany an HTC Sense login page that should show up on your primary desktop monitor. One you log in to Viveport, you should have full access to Viveport. 


Are you not seeing anything on your desktop at all when you're seeing this message. 

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Yeah not seeing anything at all. I’ve tried logging into the website before going into Viveport but that doesn’t do anything. Is there a way to manually bring it up?


Thanks for trying help out.


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, I'm not aware of a way to manually trigger it other than launching the client from the desktop or the HMD. I think this is likely related to your system's default browser and the system's registry settings.


Viveport is likely trying to launch Edge so one way to try and bring up the login screen is to set the system default browser to Edge. You could also try logging into Viveport via Edge. 

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