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Request for HTC Vive Dev Kit


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I have a dev kit but its the very first dev kit (This is the very first dev kit, the one before the Vive pre). I've had it since around when these dev kits went out. And is now starting to fall apart and not work. And become really hard to develop on. I've talked to a representative through live chat support and said “There is a possibility that the Vive is already defective or cannot support the news updates for the drivers”. Is it possible to get a consumer Vive. I can't afford to by one and rely on it to make a living.

A bit about myself and what I do. I'm a freelance game developer in Brisbane. My passion is in designing and developing engaging and entertain experiences for players to enjoy. Along with experimenting with the latest and greatest tech to deliver new and unique experiences. I develop VR games, training applications and educational applications. My portfolio linked below shows my previous work. I am currently working on VR game to launched early next year and a VR training application.

Portfolio: dinethdissanayake.wixsite.com/portfolio

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