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HowTo: Use RICOH THETA 360° camera with HTC Vive and SteamVR

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Hey all,


I'm pointing out a guide for HTC Vive users looking to import 360° images into VR googles. The guide is housed on the theta360.guide site for RICOH THETA developers. It takes advantage of several cool Unity techniques after identifying the THETA 360° camera inside of Unity including using negative scale values to solve mirroring problems.


HowTo: Use RICOH THETA V 360° camera with HTC Vive and SteamVR


The guide provides a sample project and step-by-step instructions for using a RICOH THETA V 360° camera and HTC Vive with SteamVR for telepresence applications.


From the Overview section:


The THETA V model was released in late 2017. The “V” outputs a 4K equirectangular video stream with H264 compression 3840×1920/29.97fps as well as a 2K 1920x960/29.97 stream. You can easily use a Unity webcam texture to wrap the THETA V 4K video stream onto a sphere to provide a telepresence experience for industrial or experiential applications.


This test application illustrates the following techniques:

  • Identify THETA V camera inside of Unity
  • Assign THETA V to a texture
  • Use flip normals on a Blender sphere to display the webcam texture to the inside of the Sphere. The Blender sphere is imported into Unity
  • Use negative scale values to solve mirroring problem of objects in sphere appearing in reverse
  • Display THETA V stream inside of a HTC Vive headset with SteamVR
  • Track head movements and controller movements with SteamVR
  • Use THETA V as a microphone and output audio to HTC Vive
  • Initial configuration tests to orient the headset and the camera to simulate real-world telepresence






















HowTo: Use RICOH THETA 360° camera with HTC Vive and SteamVR

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