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Sharing the picture(and only picture) from a "master" HTC Vive onto others


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Just recently started messing around with VR and loving the HTC Vive so far.


Im trying to help one of my customers with a demo setup, thing is, instead of having one person wearing the headset and then just sharing/mirroring onto a big screen, they would look to have 3 HTC Vives with just the one being in control and the others only being fed the HDMi from the first which could be like a real estate agent or salesman presenting things exactly like he wants to but with it being a recorded experience and still real time.

The signal itself I guess you could just feed off of an HDMI splitter, but Im guessing the other headsets wont just turn on and show the picture right away? Any way to avoid having to run virtual machines to send the turn on trigger or having multiple PC´s?


Any ideas would be appreciated

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Splitting the signal won't work with Vive HMDs. Generally speaking, you wouldn't want to have someone else's head movements controlling your view as described - it more or less guarantees motion sickness. You'd generally want to have each HMD powered by a seperate PC/Laptop and you'd want to link the user sessions together via multiplayer networking. As you mentioned, there are some VM options that enable you to drive multiple HMDs but I wouldn't recommend them in most use cases.


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