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Vive Pro display port cable


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I wrote a post specific to the Razer Blade 18' here - there is indeed a specific BIOS setting you need to adjust: https://community.viveport.com/t5/Technical-Support/Vive-Pro-on-Razer-Blade-2018-GTX1070-15-quot/td-p/24688 


I would note that we've really only had success with the Blades with GTX 1070's - the 1060 simply isn't powerful enough when embedded in a laptop. 

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I have a 1060.  In the Bios it has "Thunderbolt Support", not discrete and "completely disable" and "disable".  I selected completely disable and it's still not working.  The Vive app still does not detect the HMD.  Does this sound like a 1060 vs. 1070 issue?  

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We're in a similar situation, and unfortunately this cable will only work in SteamVR beta 1.4.2 with direct mode turned off within it's settings. It fails wtih direct mode turned on in both beta 1.4.2 and non-beta version of SteamVR 1.3.23, so I wonder if this other cable linked below will work with direct mode turned on and remove that similar HDCP error?



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