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WVR_GetDefaultControllerRole always reporting right hand?


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I am trying to support left handed contorllers in my native application. In VivePort, the controller is left handed, but when running in my native SDK based app, the controller seems to always be reported as right handed?


The following code always prints "RIGHT HAND!":

WVR_DeviceType role = WVR_GetDefaultControllerRole();
if (role == WVR_DeviceType_Controller_Right) {
// first controller is right hand
} else if (role == WVR_DeviceType_Controller_Left) {
// first controller is left hand

 What is the correct way to query the hand preference for the controller?

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I am running ROM 1.21. I did switch to left and in the settings menu. And I do see the controller in the left hand in VivePort. In my native app how ever is WVR_GetDefaultControllerRole always returns right hand.

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