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Link box, Bluetooth and base station errors and red lines


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I started getting red lines in the vive, pulling then replacing the HDMI cables in the linkbox rectified the issue 50% of the time, the rest the vive vanished from steam VR. Rebooting fixed the issue.


I then started getting the grey screen but with sound still working. Blutooth errors with base stations meaning I had to unplug the power each time. I tried everything inc:


Disabling blutooth
Re-instal steam VR
blutooth and usb reinstal

Is my linkbox dead?

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In some cases, the linkbox isn't "dead" per say but is incompatible with your hardware for one reason or another. You can bypass the Linkbox's USB and HDMI leads and try plugging the HMD's 3-in-1 USB/HDMI leads directly into your PC (keeping power flowing through the linkbox). If this alters the behavior, you can isolate it down to the linkbox. 


Are you seeing any specific error codes? Anything about the compositor failing to launch? You may wish to also try other USB ports as well. 


If you're able to capture the error in a SteamVR system report, we may be able to troubleshoot it (Open SteamVR, click the dropdown, and click "generate system report")



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